Giorgio Gragnola

Dott. Giorgio Gragnola

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Don’t make “hope” your business.
It’s not enough to want it.
You have to plan it.

Founder of MGI Studio Pragma. Having graduated from the University of Ancona with a degree in Economics and Business Studies in 1985, he teaches Technical, Business and Management subjects at High Schools.

He is a chartered Accountant (registered in Pesaro) and Auditor.

A father of three, he has a special talent for assisting companies in defining business strategies and objectives, economic and financial planning, the drawing-up and launch of investment and start-up plans, M&A operations and company crisis management.

Official Bankruptcy Receiver for Pesaro Law Court, he is also often appointed as Court Auditor and Technical Expert by the Court’s Judges.

He holds major roles as Director and Statutory Auditor for Banking Foundations and Banks, as well as for other types of business.

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Anything we can do well alone,
we can do better together.
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