Francesco Bartolucci

Dott. Francesco Bartolucci

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After graduating in Economics and Business Studies in 1985, he joined MGI Studio Pragma in 1994 and launched its international operations, first gaining experience with the European Commission in Brussels and with Aquater, an ENI Group company, as a corporate lawyer and in international relations.

He is admired for his skills in assisting customers in investment and start-up projects, corporate management consulting, defining strategies, in economic and financial planning, management control, M&A operations and company crisis management.

He represents Pragma within the MGI international network, where he is President of the European Coordinators’ Committee.

He also accepts appointments as Court Auditor and Technical Expert from Pesaro Law Court, and serves as a Bankruptcy Receiver for the same Court.

He is a chartered Accountant (registered in Pesaro) and Auditor.

Father of four, he also serves in the voluntary sector.
He has written specialist publications on international topics.

LANGUAGES: Italian, English.

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