What is MGI WorldWide?

MGI Worldwide is a global network of consulting, accounting and audit firms with nearly 9,000 professionals, accountants and tax experts in over 100 countries. It is one of the leading accounting networks globally.

What does MGI WorldWide do?

MGI Worldwide's primary objective is to provide high-quality financial and business advisory services to international clients.

The importance of the MGI WorldWide network?

The MGI Worldwide network allows member firms to collaborate and share their expertise, resources and knowledge to offer global solutions to clients. This allows us to provide specialized consultancy services in different sectors and geographical areas, helping companies to expand and face international challenges.

Through our global network, MGI Worldwide is able to provide international coverage and in-depth local knowledge to meet the needs of clients around the world.

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The Studio Pragma Partnership

In 2004 MGI Studio Pragma became part of MGI Worldwide, an international network of accounting, tax and auditing consultancy companies and firms, further qualifying the area of international services.

The MGI Worldwide network provides direct international contacts while preserving the independence of individual members.

Our clients therefore benefit from a strong and collaborative professional relationship built on a high level of personal interaction with partners and staff so as to have access on a global basis to personalized and high professionalism.

Being members of the MGI Worldwide network is a source of pride for the studio and a stimulus that drives our entire team to progressively improve every day.