The presence of Italian companies in the foreign markets presupposes a careful evaluation of the best form to adopt in order to fully correspond to the Italian and international reference standards abroad, with a view to optimizing the cost structure and enhancing the peculiarities.

MGI Studio Pragma is able to evaluate the most suitable form to be created in the foreign country, to assist the Italian client in the structuring process (branch, subsidiary, joint venture), and in the subsequent phase of management of the business in that country. All this thanks to the collaboration with over 260 studios of the MGI network present in 81 countries around the world.

The Italian system is increasingly the subject of attention from foreign investors who find in the Made in Italy, in the industrial and technological fabric national investment opportunities. MGI Studio Pragma has gained many years of experience in assisting foreign investors in the phases of due diligence, of negotiation, of planning, of constitution of the corporate instrument, of the realization of the investment and its constant management.

International and transnational dynamics are constantly considered in order to allow our foreign clients to best manage their investments in Italy.

  • Definition of international structure

  • Structuring process assistance
  • Activity management support
  • Foreign investments

Competence Manager

Other Services Offered


Tax and Accounting

Answers for the correct execution of the fulfillments imposed by Italian legislation with particular attention to that of other countries.


Strategy Planning

International nella formulazione e nella gestione delle strategie aziendali, analisi dei fattori e strutturazione degli investimenti.


Auditing And Crisis Management

Review activities, crisi di impresa e assistenza nella predisposizione di piani di risanamento attraverso accordi e concordati preventivi e fallimentari.


Facilitated Finance

Consultancy for obtaining European tenders and non-refundable contributions valid for innovation, industry 4.0 and specialist services.