Answers for the correct execution of the fulfillments imposed by Italian legislation with particular attention to those of other countries.
  • Fulfillment of regulatory obligations
  • Definition of operational structures

  • Process optimization
  • Documentation also in English

Consultancy in the formulation and management of corporate strategies, factor analysis and investment structuring.

  • Dynamics of the reference market
  • Structuring investments
  • Business activity planning
  • Identification of financial needs

Evaluation of the most suitable form to be implemented in the foreign country, assistance to the Italian customer in the structuring process.

  • Definition of international structure

  • Structuring process assistance
  • Activity management support
  • Foreign investments
Assistance in the preparation of recovery plans, debt restructuring agreements, preventive and bankruptcy arrangements.
  • Review activities
  • Business crisis
  • Recovery plans
  • Preventive and bankruptcy agreements
Consultancy for obtaining European tenders and non-refundable contributions valid for innovation, industry 4.0 and specialist services.
  • Professionals authorized by the Ministry
  • Identification of financing and tenders
  • Compilation of documentation
  • Assistance in submitting the application

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